King Von Ft. Lil Durk – Crazy Story 2.0


King Von Ft. Lil Durk – Crazy Story 2.0 MP3

Don’t you dare speak of a “Drill foreclosure” in the presence of Kin Von. After rushing “Crazy Story” some 5 months ago, King Von quickly came to the decision his breakthrough song was lacking an essential element: a guest verse from his label boss Lil Durk.After coming to a decision with Durk over the phone, Von withdrew the song (but not really) – while he awaited the process to run its natural course. Within 5 months the storytelling track was repackaged as the “Version 2.0” set before us today.

In truth, King Von didn’t remove every single one of the original uploads, evidence that isn’t too hard come by if you key in the search terms “Crazy – Story, and King Von.” The video he published on YouTube currently sits at 27 million views.

According to the recap he published on Genius, Von’s moment of realization, the phone call he placed, and the phone-in verse Durk submitted, all transpired within a 20-minute window. As fate would have it, Von overpassed his deadline by a few minutes, and the studio engineer simply wouldn’t yield to his demands for extra time, prompting the 5-month delay. Thanks to rappers like King Von and  Lil Durk’s Only The Family imprint, the spirit of the Drill movement lives on to this day. You’ve got to trust in the process.

Quotable Lyrics:

You see Von, you see 40 Glocks, see Booka, you see MAC
Yeah free Mack, gone for a double homi, foenem got yo’ back
But fuck that, say you smoking who? Quickest way to die
Snatch who chain? Off who neck? Not mine.

– Durkio


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