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Download Why Don’t We Don’t Change, Here comes a new song titled Don’t Change from Why Don’t We.

Don’t Change by Why Don’t We was dropped off Why Don’t We newly released album tagged Don’t Change MP3 Why Don’t We.

“Don’t Change” is a track by boy band Why Don’t We for the animated movie UglyDolls, which will be in theaters on May 3, 2019. The film features several musicians, including Kelly Clarkson as leader of the UglyDolls, “Moxy.”

The song perfectly captures the heartwarming message behind the family film: “differences should be celebrated and embraced.”

Whilst the full soundtrack’s release date is April 26,it was announced by the band that “Don’t Change” would be available a week prior as a single, similar to Kelly Clarkson’s “Broken and Beautiful” released on March 27.

Quotable Lyrics

All night, all night
You’ve been in your mind
We were supposed to be leaving
But you keep overthinking
Everything you try
Try, oh, it’s not right
One doubt, then another
Another something to cover

[Pre-Chorus: Corbyn Besson]
You’re in the mirror, but you’re not seeing yourself
Just seeing all the ways you could be someone else
I know you feel sometimes like you’re not good enough
You’re not the only one

[Chorus: Jack Avery]
All I’m tryna say is don’t change
Every part of you is just right, don’t change
Not a single curve or one line
So why cover up your flaws
When they make you who you are? (Oh-oh)
All I’m tryna say is don’t change (Ooh)
Don’t change (Ooh)

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