Tyler, The Creator Ft. Kanye West – PUPPET


Tyler, The Creator has recently released his latest experimental project, IGOR, an album that heavily leans on the rapper’s jazz, R&B, funk, gospel, and classic oldies influences. Tyler has urged fans to listen to the record from beginning to end without distractions in order to “fully indulge” in the music, but if you’re a rebel who doesn’t follow directions, jump to “PUPPET,” his track with Kanye West.

IGOR isn’t for everyone and Tyler made sure to let his fans know that if they press play hoping to find remanents of his past works, they’re going to be disappointed. He’s evolving as an artist and you can hear Tyler’s nod to N.E.R.D., a collective that he has admired for years. Apple Music calls IGOR “Tyler’s ever-experimental, N.E.R.D-honouring vision of love,” and his collaboration with West speaks about the desire to please, so much so that one loses themselves and becomes their partner’s puppet. Let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

I wanna talk, I wanna call you and talk
I wanna walk to your front door and knock
After I stop my vehicle
Drive to your city ’cause we live an hour apart
Land at your driveway and put it in park
Then do the third line of this verse

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